Actress Aditi Prabhudeva who is all set to mark her debut in the Sandalwood film industry with director Shiva Thejas, in ‘Dhairyam’, which is touted to an action thriller movie. Recently, the actress, in an interview with Bangalore Times spoke about her debut, her co-star Krishna Ajai Rao and the misconceptions about the film industry. In the interview she was asked bout how was she feeling about bagging a role in a big Kannada film and what difference did it make for her coming from a small town, to which the actress replied by saying that she comes from a traditional Kannadiga family from Devanagere.

Aditi added that shehad grown up hearing that the film industry is not an ideal place for women; that it is a place a woman should stay away from because women are exploited there but as luck would have it, she bagged a role in Dhairyam and it was only after that she started shooting did sherealise how wrong everybody was. The actress further added that she hasn’t had any bad experience so far and she is glad that all her misconceptions and fears have been dispelled. Aditi also says that she was welcomed warmly by the people of this industry and they have been extremely supportive and encouraging throughout her shot career till now.

The actress was also asked about her experience, working with director Shiva Thejas to which the actress replied by saying that Shiva Thejas is a perfect director and he surely knows how to polish an actor. Aditi Prabhudeva also said that each and every person on the sets of the movie was happy to work in late night because of his calm nature and she is here only because of him.