Noted poet-writer-filmmaker Gulzar visited Bangalore and graced the stage of the Bengaluru Poetry Festival and talked about taking inspiration from the city of Bangalore. Recalling his time in the city Gulzar said, “I wrote all my film scripts here, sitting in room 50 at The West End, as it was known back then. I used to like my cottage tucked away in the greenery and that has inspired me to write my stories.”

Gulzar has often picked subjects which are closer to the Indian audiences and events. He has written about the partition of India, Assam floods but only regional people show enthusiastic support for this type of material. He encourages everyone to write something which can be understood and appreciated all over the country. Talking about India’s independence, Gulzar said that we only got political freedom and not cultural freedom. He went on to say that languages like Kannada form the core of the country and should not be brushed away as regional languages. He has the same thoughts about Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Marathi. He considers all these languages as major languages of the country and said that one should consider all of them as national languages.

Gulzar considers himself a victim of politics as a citizen of India. He went on to say that is very important to talk about the morality of the common man in our country. Gulzar often tries to tell things in his poetry through the common man’s point of view.