Kannada mainstream cinema is undergoing a huge upheaval of sorts, with offbeat films making their way into the mainstream. After films like Lucia, RangiTaranga and U-Turn, a movie that Kannada moviegoers loved. A new trailer for a movie called Shuddhi, directed by Adarsh H Eshwarappa is here. The trailer shows that the film is women centric based on crime against women and has already garnered close to 2 lakh hits since its launch on February 3. The trailer is trending on number three on YouTube and it seems to have attracted all kinds of viewers. Perhaps after ‘Operation Alamelamma’ trailer, the most watched trailer of the movie which is based on crime against women is Shuddhi. It is written and directed by Adarsh Eshwarappa.

This is the story of an American girl who comes on a spiritual journey to India who befriends two female journalists who are fighting against the country’s lenient Juvenile Justice Act ‘. Apparently, this movie is a female-centric thriller which is described as seen by the eyes of the three protagonists played by American Lauren Spartano, Niveditha and Amrutha Karagada. Reportedly, the character played by Niveditha is tormented by the fact that in the case of rape is committed by a juvenile, he goes scot free without any severe punishment. The lead Lauren Spartano is on a revenge mission. What is the plot that binds all three of them is shown during the end of the movie?

The shooting of the film was mostly done in Karnataka and Goa. The movie is produced by Saanvi Pictures. Along with the three leading ladies, the supporting cast is, Shashank Purushottam and Sidhartha Maadhyamika, who play Crime Branch officers investigating a murder at an ATM murder.