Actress Shraddha Srinath managed to make a mark with her films ‘U-turn‘ and ‘Urvi‘ which won critical acclaim. After working in some content oriented cinema, the actress is all set to feature in the upcoming film ‘Operation Alamelamma‘ in which she will be seen in the role of a school teacher named ‘Ananya‘. Talking about her character in a recent interview, the actress said, “She’s a young girl who has quite a lot of responsibilities. She’s a school teacher, but is someone who doesn’t like being serious or responsible; she would rather watch a movie, even if it means bunking her own class.”

Though her character is very childlike at heart, the actress said that she is nothing like Ananya in real life. She said that she doesn’t take many risks as while selecting a project she accesses the risk factors carefully. But after working in the film, the actress realized that she can work in commercial cinema as well because she earlier believed that commercial cinema isn’t for her. She now wants to explore this genre even more and this has been a self-realisation for her.

Shraddha feels that there is a lot of pressure as an actor as it is the responsibility of a good actor to choose quality cinema. She also believes that due to the presence of social media, it has become very easy to be targeted. She used to reply to every tweet earlier but has now chosen to remain silent as it a better way to deal with all this.