Expect the unexpected from Pratham, who is known as ‘Olle Huduga’. After allegedly getting physical with Bhuvan on the sets of Sanju Mattu Naanu, Pratham has now filed a counter complaint against him after Bhuvan lodged a complaint at Talaghattapura police station on Sunday, 23 July, accusing him of “biting”.

What is the issue all about?
Going by the reports, Sanjana refused to shoot a scene holding Pratham’s hand. Irked by her behaviour, he started making lewd comments against her. Bhuvan came to her rescue and in the heat of the moment, he assaulted Pratham.

Pratham and Bhuvan were like chalk and cheese during their stay in the Bigg Boss Kannada house. Sanjana was the bone of contention. They fought on many occasions over her in the reality show, yet they decided to join hands for Sanju Mattu Naanu.

Going by the popularity that Pratham, Bhuvan and Sanjana gained in Bigg Boss, Colors Kannada decided to extend their chemistry to the fiction show. At once, people wondered how the trio agreed to work given their soured equations, but people thought they might have been convinced by the channel as their presence would attract the viewers’ attention big time and it might become a hit.

Unfortunately, the decision to cast them has turned out to be an imprudent decision from the channel as it has benefited none. Above all, this unwarranted controversy has made netizens hold them responsible for the incident.

Is it a publicity stunt?
Pratham, during his Bigg Boss stint, had shown that he would go to any extent for having the entire focus of the cameras on his every movement. Even after coming out of the show, he was in the news for similar reasons and controversies.

The actor had shocked the people when he attempted to commit suicide while doing a Facebook live session. Well, his past now makes people suspicious whether he is doing this act for free publicity again.