Actors Yash and Radhika Pandit are very excited for this year’s Varamahalakshmi festival and it has played a very crucial role in their lives. After being together for a long time, the couple is celebrating their first Varamahalakshmi as a married couple. Talking about the importance of Varamahalakshmi in their relationship, Radhika said, “The first time I ever attended a Varamahalakshmi puja was when I was introduced by Yash to his family and kind of made it official that we are in a relationship. Last year, on Varamahalakshmi Shabba, we got engaged.” This is why she considers this festival very special for them. Radhika is very thrilled for this year’s Varamahalakshmi as they don’t celebrate it at their mother’s place. The actress is excited to perform the puja this time.

Radhika went on to say that she is looking forward to the festivities associated with the occasion at Yash’s place. She will understand how decorations have to be done and will also take part in making other arrangements. She will also perform all the rituals because she is the daughter-in-law of the house and the actress is eager to learn about them. Radhika further said that she is ready for a new cultural experience like this and finds it fascinating. She also feels that she is ready to embrace this into her lifestyle. After marrying Yash, the actress has improved her culinary skills and often tries her hand at cooking during festivals. She has cooked a variety of Indian sweets this time around.