Kannada actress Shruthi Hariharan is miffed with the circulation of morphed pictures featuring her face. The actress has filed a complaint with cyber police at the police commissioner’s office in Bengaluru. Shruthi has requested the police to take action against the people involved in the wrongdoing. Not just her, morphed pictures of other actors are also being circulated on the internet and social media platforms. The actress had a meeting with police commissioner Praveen Sood a few days ago to file the complaint. She said that the morphed pictures were circulating on the internet for a while and this was confirmed by DGP Anand Kumar in a statement. Kumar also said that fake accounts in Shruthi’s name were responsible for circulating those images and appropriate action will be taken against them.

The actress recently opened up about her journey in Kannada film industry and said that she didn’t know Kannada despite having lived in Bengaluru long enough. She made an effort to learn the language only after her first movie ‘Lucia’. The actress has finally learned the language and can proudly say that she knows it better than her mother tongue Tamil. The actress considers herself lucky to have been part of some good Kannada films and feels that Kannada cinema is going through a transformation in terms of the kind of films being made. She considers her journey in Kannada cinema a ‘balanced one’ and said that she has been part of commercial cinema but yearns creative satisfaction through challenging roles.