Hebbuli which literally means strong ferocious Tiger, is an upcoming Kannada action film directed by S. Krishna. The film stars Sudeep and V. Ravichandran for the lead roles. They are teaming up for the second time after Maanikya. Also, Amala Paul is making her debut in Kannada cinema as the heroine.

Hebbuli is likely to be released in over 500 screens across the country; this denotes the highest number of screens for a Kannada film. Jack Manjunath, who is releasing the film in Bengaluru, is reported to have said that all distributors are convinced to release the film in utmost screens.

“The number of screens will go over 350 and it would not be surprising if it touches 400 screens in Karnataka,” he said to TOI. That would rate for two-thirds of the screens in the state. The film is also being at the same time being released in the rest of India and is likely to cross 100 screens in other states. Hebbuli also has one of the largest budgets for a Kannada film and is produced jointly between SRV Productions and Umapathy Films.

SV Raghunath, one of the producers, said to TOI, “The number of screens will easily cross 100 outside Karnataka”. In the rest of India, the main attention is focused on Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. As these will have major opening other than Karnataka. The film is also expected to be released in many foreign countries. The Fans are amazed with the trailer which is going viral on Social media. The expectations are very high with this movie.