Singri Gowda and Chenne gowda popularly known from their screen names from ‘Thithi’ as Century Gowda and Gaddappa are much in demand by lots of filmmakers. In Thithi these nonactors villagers were cast in leading roles. The movie became a huge hit and they became household names as media gave them the maximum publicity Last month the film starring them, Dirty Village, released and it is said that yesterday another film Yen Nin Problemu and Another film, Gaddappana Circle is readying for release. The topic under discussion is that whether the film industry is exploiting them. When the award-winning movie Thithi was made it was the film makers who selected them knew very well that these two had no acting skills. They have now become good actors. In the award-winning movie Thithi, ‘Gaddappa’, owns land worth lakhs of rupees and his reluctance to transfer its ownership to his son is the storyline for the film. Lots of filmmakers now want to cast them in their movies only because of their popularity in Thithi. These two villagers, however, have become aware of their demand and have started charging more for their skills. Sources said Understanding their fame they have started to demand “market price”. The remuneration now is Rs 25,000 for each day. The film Tarle Village was launched recently in Mysore. The film is being produced by Shiva and directed by Raghu. Siddegowda has written the story and screenplay of the film. Chenne Gowda told a leading newspaper that lots of people come to visit him and take photographs with him.