One of the most expected movies of Sandalwood is The Villain. Starring Century Star Shivarajkumar and Abhinaya Chakravarthy Sudeep, the film has created a lot of speculations as Sudeep and Shivanna will be seen on screen together for the first time. Since a lot has been said and spoken about the film, The Villain has become a trend, no doubts in that. Well, with lots of popularity comes a lot of demand.

Likewise, The Villain seems to be already in demand from distributors. The demand is so huge that it has already filled the pockets of producers, even before its release. The film has apparently set a record now and is making news for the same reason. What is the record? How is it raking in money even before its release?

Satellite Rights Sold!

Apparently, the satellite rights of The Villain have been sold for a record-setting amount. The same news has been revealed by the director of the movie, Prem on his Twitter handle.

Huge Amount!

According to our sources, Zee Kannada channel has purchased the satellite rights of The Villain for 7.3 Crore Rupees. Man, that is a very huge amount!

Record-setting Number!

A few of the most popular Kannada movies’ (Doddmane Hudga, Ranna, Jaggu Dada) satellite rights were sold for an amount nearing 5 to 6 Crore Rupees. But, The Villain has beat them all now.